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I am a father of five, a grandfather of eight, a graphic designer and a teacher. I've lived in Tucson for more than 45 years, a graduate of the University of Arizona, and worked for the City of Tucson as the Art Director for 31 years. I retired from the City, also taught Graphic Design at a local college for 7 years. I'm currently working at University of Arizona Campus Recreation as the Senior Graphic Designer.

In 2012, I started the “Wings of the Desert Project” on which my art is based. One day, I found a dead bee on the windowsill of my classroom and I thought to myself, “How cool it would be to see a bee wing up close!” So I scanned it and it was wonderful! I started to make patterns and shapes with the bee wing and then tried a cockroach wing found on the floor. Soon I was finding insects of all kinds, some in my back yard, in the washes or other desert areas, just about anywhere you can think of. I've has been hunting insects and making designs ever since then.

I am amazed with nature – the colors, the patterns, the way they work together and most of all, the beauty. I hope my art reflects that and brings the same amazement and joy to others.


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